Short Takes July 11 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

AMAZING and wonderful are two words I can use to describe the universal effort in place to try and secure the release of the trapped boys and their coach in Thailand. Once successful, could the same effort be made to rescue the children on Nauru?

Paul Sutcliffe, Fern Bay

NOW that Nick Kyrgios has been beaten at Wimbledon, tennis fans will not have to put up with his boorish behaviour for the rest of the tournament.

Jim Gardiner, New Lambton

WATCHING the recent Australian-Philippines “basketbrawl”, I couldn’t believe how the majority of the Australian team looked on while their three teammates were bashed, kicked, stomped on and pelted with chairs by Philippines players, officials and supporters. I felt further disbelief when they were widely praised for not getting involved. Surely in a situation where lives were virtually at stake there comes a point where you fight back? Apparently not. Interested to hear what others think.

Robert Green, Georgetown

FOLLOWING recent political mayhem caused by dual citizenship, Senator Linda Reynolds proposed the best way to eliminate such problems was to put Section 44 to a referendum for clarification and adoption. Hopefully, her suggestion will not be allowed to wither on the vine.

Ron Elphick, Buff Point

WHILE taunting Bill Shorten on his change of policy on taxation concessions, the Coalition should cast their minds back to the biggest backflip in political history. John Howard's "There will never ever be a GST under a Liberal government."

John William Hill, Williamtown

WHY are there so many trucks on Sandgate Road, Shortland holding up traffic? There's a multi million dollar by pass, 3 schools and residents are sick of it.

Marty Abel, Shortland

IN REPLY to Scot MacDonald, Parliamentary Secretary of the Hunter, I would like ask just two questions: how have you and your colleagues come to the conclusion that the Glendale Interchange does not stack up? After selling most State assets, how much debt has been paid off? I see in my travels a bypass being prepared at Scone. Anyone that travels anywhere in the area would tell you there is much more urgency for one at Singleton. Is there a reason, non-political, that Scone got a priority? Sorry, that’s three questions.

Glenn Jones, Weston

THIS is to all staff of Mercy Hospice Waratah. I would like to say a thank you for taking the professional care of my courageous wife, Melissa, whom is in God’s care now. Thank you to each one of you.

Michael Casey, Waratah

I BELIEVE there should be no hesitation in sending Wilson to jail. He has been found guilty and, in my opinion, he is just as guilty as the perpetrators. At least he has had a cushy life so far, unlike those who have suffered because of his cover up.

Helen Hunstone, Cardiff South