Letters to the editor July 12 2018

TIME FOR RESPECT: Reader Janet Sutherland says all men have a role to play in preventing the abuse of women.
TIME FOR RESPECT: Reader Janet Sutherland says all men have a role to play in preventing the abuse of women.

MOST people feel that the more effective and long-term solutions to problems are found by looking at causes rather than merely treating symptoms. Does L Greg Burton (Letters 10/7) really believe that the cause of baby murder is femininity?

On the other hand, most people do agree that rape and abuse of women has a basis in desire for power and control and that a patriarchal society encourages the notion that power and control lie with men. Given that these days our society espouses equality and shared power and control, surely it is reasonable to call on those who have a tradition of being in the dominant group to participate in activity to prevent rape and abuse of women.

Surely Mr Burton accepts that the majority of men, those who despise rape and abuse, will also benefit from a society that demonstrates mutual respect?  Why not participate in encouraging such a positive transition from paternalism and patriarchy?

To try to divert the focus of debate from fixing an appalling situation that is continuing into our 21st century to a ‘women are picking on me’ game is unmanly and disrespectful to the majority of men who seek to genuinely ‘share the world’.

Janet Sutherland, Hillsborough


CARL Stevenson (Letters 5/6): so the hospitality industry, which ran a very expensive, long running campaign in the media and Fair Work Commission to cut penalty rates claiming it would create jobs and longer opening hours, knew they were wasting their time and money? Knowing, as you claim using your evidence of “I believe” and “probably”, that they already paid waitstaff above the award rate and that the low award rate was actually only for a short training period? David Stuart (Short Takes 6/7), Malcolm Turnbull is to be commended for his donation to charity. What is not commendable is that he is a multi-millionaire publicly stating his support for forcing our already struggling lowest paid to make regular donations to their employers, the supporters of his political party.

Colin Fordham, Lambton


MANY appear to believe that the ABC is a bastion of left-wing broadcasting. However, I believe Aunty's alleged bias pales into insignificance when compared to some outlets’ bias to the right of the political divide.

Sky News unashamedly airs ultra-conservative commentators such as Andrew Bolt, Peta Credlin, Paul Murray and the pairing of Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron have no shame in being somewhere to the right of Mrs Thatcher.

According to these commentators, man-made climate change is 'crap' and Tony Abbott is the only sane politician out of all the Australian MPs and the Pope should canonise Donald Trump. People with views other than conservative are either not invited to speak on shows such as the Outsiders, or if they are; they are treated with scorn. Climate change naysayers are allowed to spout their unsubstantiated claims that are greeted with nods of "I told you so".  

I have yet to see any interview with a reputable member of the 90 per cent or so of climate change scientists who believe man-made climate change is real, but I don't watch all the programs. If you feel the need to compare the ABC's political leanings with other news outlets, or you need a good laugh to brighten your day, I recommend watching the Sky News broadcasts of the aforementioned commentators.

Mike Sargent, Raymond Terrace


PETER Hodges (Letters 7/7) tried to benchmark carbon dioxide emissions in terms of metric tonnes per capita. I would have thought that carbon dioxide emissions are an environmental question, not a demographic question? Comparing carbon dioxide emissions per unit area of land would be a more appropriate measure of national performance.  

If we do that, Australia comes in at about 15th highest emitter rather than equal to the US. And this from a large country with long transport needs with a big mining economy that is a net carbon exporter. In light of that, we aren't doing too badly. Tony Abbott and other MPs may be right to proclaim that Australia only contributes 1.3 per cent to global emissions and that we should pull out of the Paris Agreement.

Peter Devey, Merewether


CONGRATULATIONS to Opera Hunter for their splendid production of The Sound of Music in Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre, Warners Bay. Attended by full houses and appreciative audiences, the only sorry note around the show was the lack of set-down and nearby parking facilities.

The older generation and disabled personnel are not catered for in this area, nor along the lakefront where permanent sculptures are being displayed. There is plenty of provision for the able-bodied and athletic members of our increasing community, but not for the less fortunate.

The Lake Cinema at Boolaroo has similar problems as Warners Bay for not-so-able patrons. Could some parking spaces for the disabled sticker owners, and drop-off areas be provided in more access points around the lake so that all can enjoy the transformation of recreation areas which is happening in our beautiful area of Lake Macquarie?

June Porter, Warners Bay


THE number of deaths relating to ice and methamphetamines has doubled in seven years. Family members, friends, police, emergency and health workers bear the brunt of the devastation this cheap and addictive drug causes.

We can’t keep doing what we are doing – because it just isn’t working. That is why I have announced that a future Labor government would combat the scourge of ice with our plan for the compulsory detoxification and rehabilitation of severe ice addicts.

If Labor is elected to govern NSW next March, we will open six clinics across the state for the mandatory detoxification and rehabilitation of patients. These clinics will treat up to 1300 ice addicts a year.

Specially trained nurses, health professionals and security guards will take the most dangerous ice addicts off our streets, out of our state’s emergency departments and get them the help they need.

Labor’s plan provides individual addicts with the intensive treatment they need to recover from their addiction.

Luke Foley, NSW Labor Leader