Short Takes July 12 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

I OFTEN wonder if when Malvina Reynolds wrote the song Little Boxes many years ago if she had a crystal ball and could see what our towns would look like this century. Like the song says, little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky and they all look just the same. Take a look around Warners Bay at all the little boxes stacked on top of and around one another. Just like the song, and they all look the same, especially with the flat roofs. Our town is getting more like Sydney every day. Such a shame, but things never stay the same do they?

Olwyn Edmonds, Eleebana

FRED McInerney (Short Takes 6/7) often takes a shot at either the state or federal Liberal governments, but his recent complaint about having to pay $5 for the trip from Karuah to Sydney may not shock too many people, nor the NSW government. Mr McInerney reckons Sydney people are privileged because they can travel all day for $2.50. If someone from Sydney travelled by train and bus to Karuah, they would also be up for $5. Knowing how much many of them pay each week in road tolls to get to work or visit people, I doubt they would complain about the extra $2.50.

David Stuart, Merewether

ON THE subject of the tower at Queens Wharf, to me it's a Newcastle icon and anyone who thinks it looks like a phallic symbol needs to take another look at the male anatomy again.

Helen Hunstone, Cardiff South

WHAT’S to stop China landing troops in Northern Australia while those Chinese sympathisers embedded in our society take over the government? Read Clive Hamilton’s book Silent Invasion.

John McLennan, Charlestown

I WATCHED the Panthers dismantle the Warriors on Friday. I hope Nathan Brown saw what I saw, a team loaded with reserve-grade players crying out for a chance in first grade. Penrith cannot accommodate all of these players, so open the cheque book for some of these blokes. There is no depth in our reserve grade and it is showing as we are running dead last.

Allen Small, East Maitland

One can only agree with Grant Conway (Short Takes 10/7). The knights seem to have a habit of signing players who have a history of injuries who after a couple of games here and there are out injured again. I think Newcastle has for too long been a convalescent home and holiday destination for old or injured players. How about signing a Billy Blogs from Cessnock, or get a player from England? Anyone who will have a go and stay fit.                    

Kevin Miller, Windale

OUR university seems to have become another example of what happens when places of learning become places of earning (“Uni executive salaries soar”, Herald 7/7). The place has cut Philosophy (and made Classics a minor) and reduced the Humanities generally at a time when critical thinking and ethics are crucial. Isn't it time to cut all self-serving, bloated bureaucracies in education, health and energy?

Dr Kath Leahy, Cooks Hill