Newcastle Brickfest to feature Supercars creation

Supercars fever has spread to the world of Lego.

Yep, the rumours are true, a Lego version of the Newcastle 500 has been created.

It’ll be on display at Newcastle Brickfest on Sunday.

To be fair and balanced, Brickfest will also display a Lego version of protesting East Enders.

That last part isn’t true, but it’d be pretty darn cool if it was.

Lego people, sometimes known as “brick nerds”, are builders, collectors and – in some cases – artists.

They notice things in real life and think “how can I create that in Lego?”, Brickfest organiser Kevin Evans told Topics.

About 60 exhibitors will display their creations at Brickfest.

“The exhibitors are all volunteers who do it for the love of the brick,” Kevin said.

“Many exhibitors are inspired by what others create.”

It’s a world of imagination, inventiveness and … recycling.

“You can create almost anything and then rebuild and create something else from the same parts,” Kevin said.

Brickfest will be held on Sunday from 9.30am to 5.30pm at Newcastle Jockey Club at Broadmeadow.

Tickets are $5 through Limited tickets at the door will cost $8 each.

A Very Big Treehouse

It started in 2012 as a 13-Storey treehouse. A children’s book, that is, by Andy Griffiths.

Write On: Author Andy Griffiths (left) with an illustration of the treehouse.

Write On: Author Andy Griffiths (left) with an illustration of the treehouse.

Each year, Andy adds 13 storeys [and stories]. It’s an ingenious way to continue the story and – we might add – keep selling books.

This year, the treehouse has reached 104 storeys. There’s a stupid-hat level, a refrigerator-throwing level, a bun-fighting level, a tangled-up level and a deep-thoughts thinking room.

Also within the treehouse, there’s a never-ending staircase, a two-dollar shop, a two-million-dollar shop, a burp bank that takes burp deposits, a money-making machine that makes money and honey and a peaceful sunny meadow full of buttercups, butterflies and bluebirds.

Andy and his illustrator sidekick Terry Denton will be the stars of two Newcastle Writers Festival events on Sunday at NEX in Newcastle West. The first event at 1pm is sold out. Tickets are still available for the second show at 4.30pm. Details at

Razzin’ Around Town

The Herald reported this week on the line-up for the inaugural Scene & Heard festival at Wickham Park on Sunday, November 4.

Aussie rockers The Living End and Spiderbait will be among the performers.

The Living End left a comment on the Herald’s Facebook page: “YEAH NEWIE!!! We can't wait to do some razzin around town with you all. See you up the front,” the band wrote, adding a hang-ten emoji.