Supplement your income with this low-maintenance, high return business

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These days, when it comes to building wealth, it’s all about supplementing your income. How can you maximise your income from a stable, reliable source that doesn’t require staff?

It seems like an impossible equation, but it’s not. The ice vending business is one of the few legitimate businesses that requires very little time and effort, but still offers high profits in a growing, $4 billion industry.

Ice vending is a rare opportunity for investors to start a, high turnover business that generates wealth without generating stress.

Kooler Ice’s standalone units make, store, bag and dispense fresh ice (and sell filtered water) on demand. There’s no staff required, and machines accept cash, credit, debit, tokens and coupons.

Customers simply select the purchase of one bag or two bags and go! These machines are easy to install as all that’s required is an electrician and plumber to connect the water and power Kooler Ice machines are a no-brainer, easy way for customers to buy ice.

Customers know that the ice from a Kooler Ice machine is freshly made, not frozen and kept in storage. It’s all about convenience for your customers.

The machine works for you 24/7, delivering high grade ice to your customers whenever they need it, on demand. But there’s no reason for you to check in on your machine, night and day.

Kooler Ice Machine’s exclusive IceTalk™ Remote Monitoring System allows owners to manage their machines and track their sales, machine operations, free vend ice remotely and other features all from the comfort of your home, office and mobile. Interested in more than just ice?

Consider adding the option Water Vending Station, which will increase the revenue from your machine while adding the Filtered or Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Vending Station.

People around Australia are already seeing the value of investing in a Kooler Ice Machine with over 100 machines Australia wide.

It’s a reliable moneymaking opportunity that doesn’t cost you time and stress, creating a consistent, quality product that will keep customers returning for more.

Like to learn more, reserve a seat at Kooler Ice’s investment night September 4, at 7pm, 19 Yilen Close, Beresfield. The evening will be about supplementing your income by using the ice vending business model. Hear Andrew Brose’s six year journey and now the proud owner 10 Kooler Ice vending machines. (light refreshments supplied on the evening).

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This article is advertiser content from Kooler Ice