Tremors from Lombok earthquake felt by Novocastrian Christopher Horn in Ubud

Safe: Christopher Horn, with partner Amy, at Ubud Valley Boutique Resort.
Safe: Christopher Horn, with partner Amy, at Ubud Valley Boutique Resort.

CHRISTOPHER Horn and his partner Amy were enjoying dinner on the deck of a resort restaurant in Ubud on Sunday when everything started to sway.

“At first it seemed like it was maybe a very strong wind, but then that changed into really pronounced tremors, and the building shifted,” Mr Horn, who grew up in Newcastle, said.

“Then we heard a glass smash, and the staff started calling out to people and running out to the car park.

“So we just dropped everything and got up and followed them out.”

Mr Horn said the tremors felt from the Lombok earthquake continued for what felt like a few minutes.

“The ground was visibly moving. There was a lot of motion,” he said.

The couple had only been in Ubud long enough to have a shower before they went to dinner.

“We flew in on Sunday – it was a very long day. It was about 14 hours door-to-door, and we got in here at about 6pm local time,” Mr Horn said.

“I think the earthquake hit around 8pm or thereabouts.

“It was lucky we flew in when we did. Any later and we might have been in the airport or in Denpasar when the earthquake struck. Better to be here in timber buildings designed to bend and sway than be in a large concrete building.”

Mr Horn said there were aftershocks following the quake.

“We felt a little tremor this morning too,” he said.

Mr Horn had experienced an earthquake while traveling before – but none as big as this.

The magnitude 7.0 quake, which has claimed more than 90 lives, struck Lombok on Sunday evening at a depth of 10km, a week after another deadly tremor.

It was also felt on the neighbouring holiday island of Bali.

On Lombok, thousands fled from their homes to gather in the safety of open spaces.

There are no reports of any Australians being killed or injured so far, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull said many Australians felt the quake, including Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who has since Tweeted to say he and other members of an Australian delegation visiting Lombok are safe.

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