Short Takes August 13 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

THE farmers are doing it tough and I have maximum sympathy for them. The supermarket who has ravaged all small business should be donating big time to the farmers cause, but this won't happen and we have ourselves to blame. Supermarkets will continue to import their produce. The drought means nothing to them other than increased profits. What a disgraceful bunch of individuals we lazy people are for supporting these multi-national companies.

Brad Hill, Singleton

THANK you to the generous donors helping drought affected farmers. But a valid point heard this week has even made me think. While donated goods are commendable, cash donations spent in drought hit towns are absolutely vital. We need to ensure jobs in bush towns also survive this event. Sadly, drought donations spent in Newcastle won't save jobs in Dungog or Manilla. Please remember farmers need their local town to survive.

Garry Blair, Maitland

TO COLIN Fordham (Short Takes 9/8), with apologies to 10CC, I don't like cheap power, I love it. Are you suggesting the only one with brains in parliament, Tony Abbott, will be Prime Minister? If Bill gets in we we have a lot in common with our Caribbean brothers: rum, but our rum will be currency.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

IN REPLY to Adam Griffith about the uni campus (Short Takes 9/8): they beautified the grounds back around 1995 to 1997. When they landscaped it with hills and thick bushes, it made it so dangerous due to many hiding places for somebody to walk along and get ambushed. There’s not enough lighting or security, so I don’t think it was good common sense.

Alan Ackroyd, Hamilton

I THINK it’s time we started to talk about the desalination project to assist with the drought that is within NSW.

Gaynor Williams, Hillsborough

REGARDING Wickham interchange, as a frequent rail traveller I recently had to wait an hour there having just missed a train. I discovered that there was plenty of outdoor seating if you could put up with the sharp wind but no waiting room. Millions of dollars have been spent in refurbishing this station, but one essential amenity has been overlooked. What sort of a message does this send to tourists and the traveling public?

Margaret Neale, Bonnells Bay

D ANDREWS (Short Takes 9/8) refers to Emma Husar, with the person allegedly flashed at being Jason Clare. Maybe the lack of reaction is because Mr Clare denied that it ever happened. Generally if both alleged perpetrator and victim say something didn’t happen, it’s sensible to agree.

Michael Jameson, New Lambton

IF I were to smash a police car window and throw rocks and bottles at police in NSW, I would be arrested. This does not seem to be the case in Melbourne, which now seems to be the crime capital of Australia. I would advise everyone to find somewhere else to visit.

John Hollingsworth, Hamilton