Police were called to wind up gatecrashed Adamstown party on Friday night featuring more than 300 people

POLICE were forced to break up a gatecrashed party at Adamstown on Friday night that neighbours say involved more than 300 people. 

Held at a house in Lockyer Street, the party was broken up by police about 8.30pm following a number of calls from nearby residents. 

The Newcastle Herald understands the party was promoted on social media beforehand and then gatecrashed by an unknown number.

Police instructed those at the residence out of the immediate area and a large majority made their way into nearby Henderson Park.

Henderson Park Hall suffered two broken windows during the night and there is understood to have been fighting in the park. 

Neighbours said Lockyer Street was a “sea of people” once the party was dismantled and the road was left littered with broken glass. 

A Newcastle City Council street sweeper was sent in to clean up the area later in the night.