Short Takes August 17 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

I WAS appalled by Tuesday's sentencing of Phillip Wilson (“And still he won’t speak”, Herald 15/8) A man and priest who chose to disregard a cry for help from a child. I found the person in Phillip Wilson's entourage who stated he didn't have to listen to "rubbish" from an abuse victim disgraceful. This person is blinded by his religion. I wonder if it was his child or a family member he would feel the same way? I can only say shame, shame, shame.

Kerrie Snape, Hillsborough

COULD Malcolm Turnbull explain why, if his number one priority is to provide cheap electricity, why he never mentioned that one of the main players AGL posted $1.6 billion dollar profit after tax (ABC 9/8) and why companies can get away with charging ridiculous prices for power, which is a basic right and necessity to have,  while still making such a huge profit? It is no wonder that Australia is one of the dearest countries to live in.

Allan Earl, Thornton

POINT Piper farmers Malcolm & Lucy Turnbull are such jokesters. A figure provided to me by a small 350-hectare Upper Hunter property for delivery of a truckload of hay (a month’s feed for their surviving breeding stock) from South Australia was $5200 delivered. The Prime Minister's two handouts of $6000 on September 1 and March 1 are laughable.

Warren Hayter, Georgetown

I HAVE no interest in finding excuses for clergy sexual abuse of children. On the contrary I think there ought to have been zero tolerance with offenders removed from the position that made their offending possible. However, neither zero tolerance nor moral condemnation of the offender will help us to understand how something so abhorrent could come to be. How could a people who were meant to heal and liberate come to do exactly the opposite? Until we have some understanding of this aberration and the context that made it possible we cannot prevent it from happening again and again.

Mark Porter, New Lambton

IT MUST be easy for some who collect their substantial weekly wage from the mining industry to dismiss climate change as a hoax and tell the farmers to pray for rain! Stick to causing the problem Brad Hill, and forget about solving it.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

AT THE moment I feel overwhelmed by the goodness of people to help farmers. It does no good to say "Well the government should be doing something". It starts with us. We set the example! I believe we are showing dignity to both us and others and honour to our Creator.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads

ON A ROAD trip west with my Uncle Mick, who is near-yelling as he is partly deaf: “Go faster! Slow down! What the bloody hell was that? Don’t talk like that! Do you do that at home?” My Uncle Mick is a retired dairy farmer from Denman, a town legend who volunteers at the information centre. Drop in some time for a chat. You won’t be disappointed in the knowledge and stories he has to tell. I love Uncle Mick, he’s the best.

Brendan Mackay, Warners Bay