Short Takes August 18 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

BEFORE he appeals his conviction, I believe Archbishop Philip Wilson would do well to remember the sentencing remarks of the magistrate and to heed the advice of Peter Gogarty and Daniel Feenan. A little remorse would not go astray.  An apology to the survivors might even facilitate healing.

Mark Porter, New Lambton

THE RISING cost of electricity threatened by our Prime Minister and ex-Prime Minister, who are both ignoring our climate crisis, will fade into insignificance when the impact of climate change really hits. Already we are seeing how rising temperatures can threaten our food supplies. Farmers are having to dramatically reduce stock, both cattle and sheep. The lack of feed stock in NSW and Queensland is reaching crisis point. Grain crops cannot be sowed. When stocks dwindle flour runs out, as do our vegetables and salads.  Turning vegetarian is not a solution. Australia can no longer ride on the sheep's back. We have to lead the way in combating climate change.

Peter Lipscomb, Maryville

HOW much confidence can a country have in its government, when it is a cause for them to rejoice simply because they got one of their own policies modestly past their own cabinet?

Allan Earl, Thornton

STEVE Barnett (13/8) I believe that, just as in 1808, it’s time to remove another uncaring, incompetent leader. In my view only a person drinking too much rum would think someone who invests overseas at 1.9% instead of 2.35% in Australia and in its future is a fit person to be our Prime Minister and run our country’s economy.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

OH, THE insanity on display in this day and age, interesting fact that the green plastic bags now being pushed upon us by the hypocrites actually take more material and energy to produce than the good old fashioned plastic bag, it will be interesting to see which major supermarket goes back to the old handy plastic bag first. They will see customers flocking in, hypocrites and all.

Brad Hill, Singleton

THE recent installation of traffic lights on Hillsborough road near the roundabout at Warners Bay appears to be a success. The pedestrian fence is doing its job, but it’s has only  highlighted the need for regular maintenance. At the moment it’s real eyesore and that whole corner of the roundabout and the creek needs an urgent upgrade.

Neil Meyers, Warners Bay

SAYING “public transport” in Newcastle needs qualification. It is not accurate in Australian parlance as we expect to own things we pay for. May I suggest instead: I'm on the Downer (bus), or the wheels on the Downer go round. Pretty versatile.

David Turner, Newcastle

WATCHING the long-anticipated return of the former PM on 7.30, I had a small light bulb moment (powered by fossil fuel of course): Tony's affinity with the black gold could be because the dinosaur recalls when it was a forest!

Chris Peters, Newcastle