Short Takes August 20 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

JUST out of curiosity, how many water bombers could a submarine pay for?

Ed Matzenik, Maitland

DON’T you just love it when people are running out of water in country areas and someone complains of the lack of swimming pools in Newcastle (Letters 16/8)? Go for a drive over the Murrurundi Ranges and check out their pools.

Peter Grant, Speers Point

I KNOW Liberal-National Party (LNP) supporters like to blame the Labor party for everything, including Tony Abbott's bald spot, but I think it's a stretch to blame them for Malcolm Turnbull, Jim Gardiner (Short Takes 16/8). All Mr Turnbulls policies (or lack of them) are solid gold LNP.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

JOHN Arnold (Short Takes 16/8) that is a funny contribution. True,Tony Abbott makes mistakes. A smart person admits to their mistakes. Mr Abbott has changed his mind on the Paris Agreement, unlike the head dufus Mr Turnbull thinking Australia will prosper under the weight of obligation to Paris. It’s akin to playing Super Hubert in the Knights’ front row.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

I AM in total agreement with those who spoke against the vile utterances of Senator Anning (Letters 17/8) and I believe they could have taken even more positive action. They could have and should have passed a motion expelling him from the Senate, depriving him of all the benefits he accrues from his position. They could also add the proviso that he leave politics and never again be allowed to stand for election.  Free speech is a positive aspect of our political and social life, but hate speech is not and is unjustifiable. Eradicate it.

Brian Roach, Whitebridge

JUST A comment regarding former archbishop Philip Wilson, (‘And still he will not speak’, Herald 15/8). I believe if a young priest and nun had a totally legal relationship on the spur of the moment and Wilson heard about it, you can bet they would have been ousted. He concealed paedophilia and I think on his appeal he should be jailed without privileges.

Ken Harvey, Warners Bay

I LOVED your letter comparing Newcastle and Maitland’s treatment of heritage buildings, Kate Elderton (Letters 15/8). Of course not all old buildings should be saved, but different isn’t always better. It appears that in Newcastle we are building flashy monuments, and I loved your statement that the heritage buildings in Maitland have been “proudly and usefully conserved”. And no “ zoom zoom cars”! I think you are quite correct when you say that Maitland, unlike Newcastle, respects its history, residents, retailers and visitors. Perhaps they listen to their ratepayers, too.

Denise Lindus Trummel, Mayfield

WHY the paperwork for the $12,000 (‘Farmers offered drought-relief cash payments’, Fairfax 7/8)? All the government should need is a receipt. I hope they don't want them to repay this. It is aid, so just give the money to the people who feed us.

Barry Spaulding, Cardiff