Short Takes August 22 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

I WONDER if this is what Malcolm Turnbull meant when he first took over and said that “we live in exciting times” . It’s probably not the right phrase for the shemozzle that is the government of today.  Two other words from his operational manual that he flogged to death were “innovative” and “aspiration”, but alas as far as his government and policymakers were concerned that is all they were – condescending words of spin.

Allan Earl, Thornton

IF THE Parliamentary Liberal Party believe the answer is Peter Dutton, then its asking the wrong question.

Ian De Landelles, Murrays Beach

PERHAPS the Prime Minister's minders should note that immediately behind him in the House or Representatives sit a white-haired lady and a black-haired lady... both of whom must surely and seriously distract viewers, not only with the usual head-nodding, but also by apparent yet inaudible verbal exchanges between them. If our distraction is intended, it's at the very least strange procedure. If it isn't, what exactly is its function?

Donald Matthews, Fennell Bay

MAKE sure you have the numbers before you challenge. The Liberal party has merely covered a boil they should have lanced.

Dennis Petrovic, Rutherford

I AGREE with Gael Davies that, if Margel Hinder expressed that she wished her fountain in Civic Park to be lit only with white light, the sculptor's wish should be respected (‘Clash over fountain lights’, Newcastle Herald 20/8). Mr Bath's opinion that coloured light repels anti-social behaviour better than white light appears to be clutching at straws to find an acceptable excuse for Newcastle City Council's apparent lack of knowledge or respect. I am not against reminding the public of various causes by the use of coloured lighting in appropriate places, but as the artist cared enough to threaten legal action on the issue in her lifetime no-one should presume to suggest that she might have changed her mind by now.

Wendy Webb, Belmont

STEVE Barnett (Short Takes 20/8): Super Hubert would make a better PM than Turnbull, but since he's a Novocastrian he would also be a better lord mayor.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

GEOFF Black, I sense  you are a wasted talent you should audition for a leading role in the big bang theory or take up one of the tickets on offer to visit mars, you could then first hand look down upon this wonderful planet and wonder what the heck am I doing here.

Brad Hill, Singleton

NEWCASTLE is still getting ripped off with fuel prices. As of Tuesday, E94 in most parts of Newcastle is 152.9 cents per litre and in Sydney 132.9 cents per litre. This is affecting the economy of Newcastle and surrounds, as there is very little traffic on roads when petrol is up, and when it drops the traffic increases. I don't need an excuse for this, I want a reason from someone with brains that did not go to university.

Ken Godwin, Valentine