“The fire was as ferocious as any I’ve seen,” Fire Rescue NSW Commander Troy Kempnich of the bush fire burning at Port Stephens last week.

“You would have sworn it was a 40-degree day in the middle of summer. With a strong southerly change fanning flames, the fire sped towards Tanilba Bay at an incredible rate. Crews did a great job to protect houses.”

The fire started on Friday morning, and by its conclusion on Monday fire crews from more than 18 stations from as far afield as Sydney and the Upper Hunter had been deployed to help extinguish the blaze.

“Firefighters from Fire Rescue NSW and the RFS worked around the clock,” Acting Inspector Kempnich said.

“Incredibly, after the intensity of the fire, only one caravan at the golf club was damaged.”

A suspected electrical fault in an oven at Macquarie Hills resulted in a fire that spread to a microwave and up a wall on Tuesday.

Crews from Cardiff and Charlestown used carbon dioxide extinguishers to put out the fire.

The use of extinguishers on smaller fires is preferred, as it stops the property suffering further damage through the use of water.

Crews used thermal imaging cameras to ensure the fire had not extended into the roof space, and ventilated the house due to heavy smoke logging.

Cooler conditions and calm winds allowed crews to conduct a hazard reduction burn on Thursday at Buttaba.

Several more burns are planned for coming weeks.

Ralph Smith, Leading Firefighter