Short Takes August 25 2018: Readers have their say

OK Desmond Bellamy, I've read your tirade ‘Cultivating no sympathy’ (Letters, 23/8), but what's your real beef with the milk industry?

Brian Burgess, Floraville

TO plagiarise Tony Abbott, the events of the last week have ensured that the Liberal Party, as envisaged by its founder Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, is “dead, buried and cremated”.

Ian De Landelles, Murrays Beach

GREAT to see NIB make a big profit of $133.5 million (‘NIB announces 30 per cent net profit jump’, Herald, 21/8). Maybe next year we won't see our fees rise again. Hang on, I'm sure I just saw a pig flying past.

Darren Duffy, Bobs Farm

I BET Malcolm would like to deport Dutton to Naru.

Peter Hay, Islington

AUSTRALIA cannot tolerate another six months of the goings on of this present Liberal government's ineffectiveness and disarray, no matter who their leader is. Maybe it’s time for a double dissolution.

Dennis Petrovic, Rutherford

I'LL be seeking political asylum in Russia if Peter Dutton is elected by the Australian people at a federal election. Dissidents and others who disagree will be treated better by Putin than Dutton!

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

SO the Doma Group has announced they have lodged plans for a carpark with 678 spaces (‘Doma lodges plans for carpark on Store site’, Herald, 22/8). But wait! These will be private spaces for eventual residents of the twin towers they are building. After eliminating most of the public parking to build their trophies to corporate greed, ie residential apartments, isn't this just another middle finger to out-of-towners who would like to find a park in the city? As I have said in the past, the city is becoming an enclave for the privileged.

Tony Morley, Waratah

GREAT news for the West Wallsend community that their pool complex is to be increased in size. Many thanks to Lake Macquarie City Council for its ongoing support.

Sue Morris, Maryland

JOHN Hudson, nor should you have to gain permission to enter your own home (Short Takes, 23/8). What a joke our mayor and council are for paying for this to happen.

Bruce Cook, Adamstown

TO Garry Robbinson (Short Takes, 23/8) behold the messiah, his name is Ponga, we must not let the All Blacks take our only hope. We are about to witness another miracle – a Queenslander-Kiwi bro.

Steve Barnett, Fingal bay