Short Takes August 27 2018: Readers have their say

JUST a question: If Newcastle Council does not have the equipment and manpower to maintain the old map of the world pool near Newcastle Ocean Baths (or canoe pool as some know it) and keep the mountains of sand out of it then how will the Newcastle South skatepark be sand free? Just another mayor’s monument.

Denise Lindus Trummel, Mayfield

WHAT has been unfolding in Canberra is akin to a tragedy or farce of Shakespearean proportions. If this was happening to a Labor government we would not be alarmed but for it to be happening within a Coalition government and in the manner it is being played out is disgraceful.

Nigel Dale, Hamilton

THE underlying problem with today’s politics is opinion polls. Back in the old days there were no polls and seemingly no problems. Politicians’ actions are clearly based on opinion polls, so they need to be banned. If a movie was made today it would have to be called ‘The curious case of Peter Dutton’ as they all appear to be getting more childish as they get older.

Neil Meyers, Warners Bay

I WATCHED the ABC news in total bemusement this morning when the Liberal Party claimed the same sex marriage legislation as one of its great achievements. This is the party that refused to allow its members a conscience vote and ended up costing the Australian taxpayers $122 million for a postal vote. Have they been taking lessons from Donald Trump on how to rewrite history?

Ann Ellis, Merewether

ZENON Helinski, it's the government that ignored top advice from the Finkel Review (Letters, 23/8). Coal-fired plants cost a bomb. Operation and maintenance are through the roof. Heat, water, poles and wires, and wear and tear add to the start-up cost. Power stations have to run for 50 years. Coal's grime, release of heavy elements, dust and noise hit you in the face. Billions in taxpayer support for a long-established industry is pretty weird.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

INTERESTING or ironic advert on the bottom of page six of the Herald on Friday (24/8). “Win the trip of a lifetime, prepaying your funeral makes perfect sense”. The advert is by a funeral service provider. Is the prepaid funeral the trip of a lifetime?

Fred Saunders, Waratah West

THANKS Jerry, I really hope you do a great job restoring the post office building back to its former glory (‘New hope for iconic post office after Awabakal approves sale’, Herald, 22/8). You deserve a lot of accolades for taking this on and I for one believe you are doing it for the city. I also hope you don’t cop too many artificial roadblocks.

Stephen Robinson, Wangi Wangi

I'M beginning to think a lack of trust is a characteristic of our age. Who can you trust these days? You can’t trust the banks, they’ve been ripping off their customers. You can’t trust the church, it’s riddled with paedophiles. You can’t trust our politicians given the backstabbing in Canberra. Who can you trust? I trust my dog and that’s about it.

Neville Aubrey, Wallsend