Short Takes August 30 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

INTERESTING to read that after three successive wooden spoons the Knights have the second highest crowd figures this year. On the other hand the Storm, who are reigning premiers, probably get more seagulls than spectators to their home games. Imagine if they came last three years in a row - there would probably only be tumbleweeds at their ground.

Matt Ophir, Charlestown

IAN King (Short Takes 28/8): if you ask me, you have poor eyesight or a wonderful sense of humour to say Julie Bishop is a loyal deputy. I believe she was one of the biggest sneakiest back stabbers in the Liberal party, and I say good riddance.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

WELL I have tried to love Hunter Water. I've reduced my quarterly water usage bill to $80. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I'm obviously not putting very much into the sewerage system or causing any increased environmental pressure, I'm still being charged the same fixed fees. It doesn't seem fair. Perhaps some incentives need to be built into their bills for people like me who are trying.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

NOW that certain vengeful and vainglorious members of the federal Liberal party have convinced certain of their colleagues to destroy the political life of Malcolm Turnbull, will they refund the $10,000,000 he donated to their last election campaign?

Brian Roach, Whitebridge

I MAY not be a Novocastrian, however, my mother was born in Adamstown, the daughter of parents from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, so I claim some connection and an ongoing interest in all things Newcastle. Regarding the name change (“Councillors strike out the definite article’, Herald 29/8) I find it interesting that the report to be considered says (inter alia) “.. reflects the organisation’s values and vision as well as Newcastle’s transition to a global city”. I wonder how the good burghers of Newcastle City Council  (on Tyne) would view is twin sister city?

Allan Gibson, Cherrybrook

SCOTT Morrison's neighbours and friends say "He is there for the average Joe", (Sun Herald, 26/8). Do they mean he is representing the Joe Blows of the world, or the Joe Hockeys?

Ken Harvey, Warners Bay

I JUST travelled from Wyong. I filled my tank up down there at $1.249 per litre for  unleaded. The last price I paid up here was $1.519 and that's still current. How can they justify 30 kilometres and 26 cents difference? 

Neville Wilbow, Mount Hutton

I WONDER if Chinese and other developers in Newcastle have offered deals to Chinese buyers such as buying a unit to gain access to politicians, or buying a university course to gain permanent residency and all the social welfare goodies on offer.    

Maureen O'Sullivan Davidson, Swansea


SUPPORT organisation Allambi Care will begin a free outdoor cinema series on Saturday, screening The Greatest Showman at Speers Point Park. The event starts at 3pm.