Catherine Britt ready to take an international focus in 2019

ON THE MOVE: Catherine Britt flies to the US next week. Picture: Simon McCarthy
ON THE MOVE: Catherine Britt flies to the US next week. Picture: Simon McCarthy

CATHERINE Britt has spent the past eight months in a constant state of motion, and she’s not about to stop.

Next Wednesday Britt, her husband James Beverley and their eight-month-old son Hank fly to the US for her first a run of dates since recovering from breast cancer.

It’ll end a brief return home to Newcastle to catch up with family and friends after Britt and her young family spent six months circumnavigating Australia in a caravan.

In her early 20s the 33-year-old spent six years living in Nashville, but this latest trip across the Pacific will only be a short three-show stint. However, Britt has bigger international plans for 2019.

“You can only do the same thing in Australia so much,” Britt tells Weekender after performing her latest single Bush TV for Herald Sessions.

“Next year is my 20 years in the business. I’ve been doing this a long time and it feels like if you want to be doing it forever, which I do, you’ve got to be smart about it and expand into other markets.”

One of more unusual markets Britt plans to explore is Norway. According to Spotify’s analytics, Britt’s second-largest audience on the music streaming service live in the Scandinavia nation’s capital, Oslo.

Unbeknownst to Britt, the track Swinging Door off her 2006 album Too Far Gone was a sleeper hit on Norwegian radio.

“I don’t know why or how it came about,” she says. 

“But it’s interesting finding out those things and I can see in the markets in the world where my music is getting played and that’s really fascinating to me because there’s some places I’ve never been before, like Norway.

“It opens up more doors and that’s exciting. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe.”

Britt also plans to continue her family’s travelling roadshow around Australia. 

This could include a month-long residency next winter playing five nights a week at the El Questro homestead in the heart of the Kimberley.

“It’ll be a good experience and I feel like when I leave there I’ll be really rehearsed,” she says. 

“Again, it’s another challenge.”

Catherine Britt & The Cold Cold Hearts perform live at Lizotte’s on September 1.