Short Takes August 31 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

NEWCASTLE City Council’s decision to drop the word “the” from its name (‘Councillors strike out the definite article’, Herald 29/8) may solve petty issues, but the name still creates confusion when used on Google or viewed by other countries. The naming should be Newcastle Council Australia, or Australia's Newcastle Council, because we do not have a monopoly on the name Newcastle. There are more than 100 Newcastle’s around the world, where it can be assumed also have councils of the same name.

Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

IN RESPONSE to Jan Truswell (Short Takes 4/8): I would like to agree with her about Carey Bay Gardens. I have been visiting the home for approximately four years. The staff are wonderful, so kind and caring. Nothing is a trouble to any of them. They are very dedicated people.

Jan West, Glendale

I WAS dismayed to visit Coles at Glendale and find they have done away with their express lane. The self-serve machines were working overtime at 3.30pm. People who blame immigrants for taking Australian jobs should wake up to themselves. It's the big corporations who are doing the damage, computerising everything they can get their hands on purely for profit. What can you do? Stop shopping there, email them and complain. Shareholders should object loudly.

Julie Castles, Cardiff Heights

IF OUR esteemed Lord Mayor really wants "future generations to be able to enjoy the wonderful open spaces" (‘Child’s play perfection in city’s green heart’, Opinion 29/8), why remove children’s’ playgrounds, chop down trees and decimate the foreshore to install a race track? Actions speak loudest.

Keran Davis, Newcastle

LIKE Stephen Robinson (Short Takes, 27/8) I too hope that Jerry Schwartz doesn't cop too many artificial roadblocks while restoring the post office building. However, the building is located near the east end of Newcastle, so I think it's probably only a matter of time before the whingers come back out of the woodwork.

Adz Carter, Newcastle

AGREED Don Fraser, eight months is a long time in politics. However, I reckon Blinky Bill is far from the least impressive Labor leader. Do you recall the dour Arthur Calwell, Bill Hayden, Simon Crean or Mark Latham? I remember that Kim Beazley, a lovely jovial leader, just couldn't get them across the line. Maybe this Bill will. 

Neil Robinson, Jewells

IF ANY punters out there want to back a certainty, get on Billy at the next election.

John Keen, Gateshead

SOMEONE who enjoys the role of devil's advocate may well come up with the perfect denouement to the squabbles and ructions within the Liberal party. Now that Malcolm Turnbull has resigned from the parliament, he may see fit to run as an independent and in the upcoming by-election contest in the federal seat of Wentworth. Win the seat and he would hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives. Just a thought.

John Lawton, Belmont