business feature: Seeking help for men

Newcastle Family Practice has a wide range of health and medical services and ensures complete privacy and sensitivity for all patients.
Newcastle Family Practice has a wide range of health and medical services and ensures complete privacy and sensitivity for all patients.

Australian men are more likely than women to suffer from a range of serious health problems. Overall men visit the doctor less than women and tend to book an appointment once their illness is more advanced and difficult to treat.

Heart disease, diabetes and some cancers can be detected in the early stages when treatment is usually more successful. The best place to start is an annual check-up with your GP.  

Newcastle Family Practice offers a Men’s Health Check – a comprehensive check-up for men tailored to their stage of life designed to identify current and potential health problems.  

A men’s health check starts with a discussion of your medical history, family history and your lifestyle, your diet, the amount you exercise and your weight, whether you smoke or drink alcohol to excess ways of dealing with stress.

The Men’s Health Check also involves a medical examination and some tests, which might include:

  • Checking your height, weight and blood pressure
  • Screening for excessive stress or depression
  • A prostate check
  • A skin check
  • Blood tests to check your cholesterol, blood sugar (for diabetes), kidney and liver function.

Other tests, depending on your age, might include bone density testing for osteoporosis or screening for some common cancers, such as bowel or prostate.

Your GP will then work with you to develop a healthy lifestyle and advise if any follow up is needed.

The GPs at NFP are happy to assist with and discuss any symptoms or concerns you may be experiencing including issues with drugs or alcohol, erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems, relationship problems or injuries. All health issues are dealt with sensitively and professionally.

Newcastle Family Practice also has on-site Mental Health Nurses, Laverty Pathology, psychologist who offer late appointments, neuropsychologist’s and dietician services as part of their commitment to multidisciplinary healthcare.

As well as men’s health services, Newcastle Family Practice also offers a full range of general practice services, including:

Women’s and children’s health services, up-to-date travel advice and vaccinations – the practice is an accredited Yellow Fever Centre, routine childhood immunisations, insurance medicals and pre employment medicals.

The practice can also take care of minor surgical procedures, including suturing of lacerations, the removal of small skin lesions, insertion of hormone implants and cryotherapy.

Newcastle Family Practice is located at 205 Hunter Street, Newcastle.  For more information visit