Short Takes Saturday September 1 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

JULIE Bishop has been an internationally respected Foreign Affairs Minister, and Col Geatches' suggestion (Short Takes 29/8) that she was one of the biggest backstabbers in the Liberal Party should, in my opinion, be supported by some form of evidence. I would be interested to hear whether Mr Geatches has one shred of it.

David Stuart, Merewether

COLIN Geatches (Short Takes 30/8) calls Julie Bishop a backstabber. Is he confusing her with Tony Abbott? If not, can we have some examples?

Ian King, Warners Bay

IT’S OK that Jeremy Bath has no plans to cut parking fines in Newcastle (‘Hunter’s parking fine hot spots’, Herald 31/8). People have plenty of reasons for not going there and his attitude is another one.

Peter Robinson, Charlestown

THANK you Australia Post. I posted a birthday card in Cardiff to my granddaughter who lives in Raymond Terrace on Sunday, 19th August as her 9th birthday was on the 23rd August. It did not arrive till Thursday 30th August, seven days late. I had the correct name, address, and postcode on it. Snail mail indeed - a snail could get there quicker. A very disappointed grandfather and granddaughter.

Angus McGregor, Cardiff

I AGREE with federal Liberal MP Peter Dutton wanting a Royal Commission into high energy prices (‘Peter Dutton's royal commission on energy 'smacks of populism': APA CEO’, AFR 22/8). I think both Liberals and Labor need to get back to Earth and listen to the needs of the people, businesses and the hardships they are facing due to their bad political decisions. I believe  foreign ownership of our public utilities has left us open game for sabotage, and I also think our Border Force should be totally the responsibility of the Australian government . At no time has this massive privatisation of Australia been put to the people.

Maureen O'Sullivan Davidson, Swansea

DR VAN der Kallen’s article on the effects of the drought on farmers’ health (‘Burying their heads as it all turns into dust’, Opinion 31/8) is illuminating. What has the National party been doing for the last 10 years, while the UK government has had a climate change plan to mitigate the effects of a drought – in the UK!  Have those who occupied the position of agricultural minister and Opposition had such a plan for Australia as the UK’s national adaption plan (NAP) for the effects of climate change on agriculture? If not, why not?

June Porter, Warners Bay

I FIND it a bit rich to whinge about aircraft noise when people have chosen to live near an air force base (‘Jet roar causes resident outrage’, Herald 31/8). Considering the base has been in existence since World War II, it is commensurate upon people to either live with the noise, or move. National security is more important than a little bit of noise.

Peter C Jones, Rathmines


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