Short Takes September 4 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

I’M WITH you, David Stuart (Short Takes 1/9) on evidence, but you have to remember this is the opinion page where some people don't have a skerrick of evidence to back up their ridiculous perspectives.

Grant Conway, Lambton

IAN King and David Stuart (Short Takes 3/9) no I don't have any evidence beyond the fact that I'm just commenting on what I see in the media, but I believe you gentleman are wearing rose-coloured Liberal glasses. I didn't mean to upset you pair, but I bet Tony and Malcolm have some.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

PETER C Jones (Short Takes 1/9): people are trying to live with a lot of noise not just near the Williamtown base but right up the coast. The noise kept up for six or seven hours straight while we were at Forster this year. Is all the racing through the skies necessary? I doubt it.

Julie Robinson, Cardiff

SO IT wasn't the Labor Party and the Greens trying to turn Australia into a nanny state after all. It was Peter Dutton - one nanny at a time!

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

A HUGE congratulations to the Gropers’ under-12 rugby union team. Three years, three losses and three grand final wins. A superb effort from a champion bunch of kids, coaches and parents. A stellar effort.

Brad Hill, Singleton

TO Susie Johnson (Short Takes 3/9), let me blow the whistle and inform you that Chelsea Manning is a criminal whose sentence was commuted by President Obama, and I see nothing inspiring about that.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

SO MUCH for the new rule of slowing to 40km/h when near red and blue flashing lights. I just passed Nabiac, where a police officer was talking to a Queensland motorist and had all of his lights on for safety I presume. I slowed to 40km/h but was overtaken by others like I was stationary. There needs to be a much more forceful education campaign around this new regulation, methinks.

John Bradford, Beresfield

SURELY it’s Scott Morrison’s first blunder. All fingers point to Tony Abbot as the architect of the recent parliamentary train wreck, and then our new Prime Minister goes and gives him a job! His second blunder seems to be regarding Peter Dutton, who has been accused of waiving the rules regarding certain immigrants. Come on Scott, get rid of these types. Your predecessor deserves better. If you don’t, I suspect you’ll be looking for a job after the next election.

Neville Aubrey, Wallsend

HOW come NBN bangs on about equal pay for women in all roles yet when it comes to there sport coverage they predominantly pay more coverage to the male participants? I watched the news tonight talking about the US Open tennis and was only shown men’s footage with a brief rap of women’s results. Surely if people expect equal pay for men and women in sporting and vocational roles the major TV stations need to push this case.

Daron Maxwell, Rathmines