Short Takes September 5 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

Some things make one scornful. Before the last press release is released about allegedly preserving local heritage and social history, let us mourn the fact that the facade of The Store is to be demolished. It stands in the greedy development path planned by our so-called ‘representative government,’ and so it was never ever to survive. But let us reflect on this sorry story - and mourn.

David Rose, Hamilton

CONGRATULATIONS Peter Lewis (‘Lewis draws winner in awards’, Herald 1/9). Political cartoonists combine the skill of drawing with a quick wit that captures the subject’s essence. The last thing their subjects want is to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.

Allan Gibson, Cherrybrook

RICHARD Mallaby (Letters 3/9), it's amazing how these things sprout up. Thousands are popping up everywhere and heating night air. This should help on some of these record cold winter nights.

Brad Hill, Singleton

REGARDING Monday’s front page (‘Cars parked’, Herald, 3/9): OMG, even the village idiot knows that removal of the train line into Newcastle was lunacy, especially when the university signalled its plan. The social experiment with the car has failed, as all we have is traffic congestion, air pollution and sprawling car dependant suburbs. Mr McCloy needs to get with the transport future.

Mark Ellis, Woy Woy

MY DEAR Carl Stevenson, I dips me lid to you Sir. At last a voice crying out about the ridiculous stories we are forced to read about how the world will be reduced to a crisp in the very near future. Carl, if I could, I would try to raise enough money to build a statue of you. Thanks very much for being a valid voice in the debating of climate change. As you have written, let us wait and see if these so called scientists can do anything that just might help us. Meantime I'm going to use my air conditioner as I like. May you live long and prosper, sir.

Wal Remington, Mount Hutton

ROBERT Dillon (‘Bring on 2019’, Herald, 3/9) I feel you and your colleague Barry Toohey are insulting my intelligence by saying that 2018 has been a "vast" improvement on the Knights of 2017. It's been bad enough reading all season the coach telling us how they are so much better after him buying 9 new players. Your story says it plainly that their attack stats are 3rd worst (same as 2017) and their defence has only improved to second worst (thanks only to Manly). Their points differential is still the worst, having improved by just 27 points during the season, which equates to barely one point per game. At this rate of "vast" improvement they will not play finals football for nearly a decade. How long will the Wests Group tolerate this before something changes?

Greg Hunt, Newcastle West

EAST End residents often complain that Supercars vendors were brought in when clearly there were local vendors. Did they take note that the vendors providing the majority of food and rides at the SuperMoto on the weekend were from out of town? Where are their complaints now?

Mark Creek, Adamstown