Short Takes September 6 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

I TOTALLY agree with the letter writers regarding the Regal Cinema (Letters 3/9). It has become a community hub where people can go together or alone and feel welcome. If the cinema has to close, we will lose an invaluable asset.

Sue Fower, Waratah

I THINK that the Catholic Church's response to the way they protect priests privacy when they confess to molesting children (‘Church says no to confession reform’, Herald 1/9) is a disgrace. I thought the church was supposed to be a safe place to go, but not anymore. I won't be setting foot back in one as I believe they are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. David Stuart and Ian King (Short Takes 1/9), would you like me to find some proof for that?

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

BULLDOGS behaving badly (Daily Telegraph, 4/9) or boys being boys? Boys being boys I'd say, something that is rare these days with new-age parents who are not sure whether their kids are male or female. So, case closed. The Bulldogs of 2018 were all male, I think.

Brad Hill, Singleton

JULIE Robinson (Short Takes 4/9), the RAAF need to do all sorts of training exercises in the event that our nation is ever threatened. You should welcome the sound of an Australian fighter plane as the sound of enduring freedom.

Peter Jones, Rathmines

THREE weeks after transferring over to the NBN system,  we finally had our land line wall phone reconnected. I here a lot of people saying "Gee, that was quick!". It was an all-too-hard job for Telstra to help us with. We finally found a private electrical company who completed the job. $420 later, we have no faster computer speed and we have returned to the exact situation we had before NBN came into our lives. Oh, our monthly plan dropped by about $15, so in just over two years we will have recouped the $420, or sort of. Thank you very much, Telstra, for allowing us to join the NBN.

Richie Blanch, Charlestown

SCOTT Morrison thinks Bill Shorten is a mouthpiece for the workers (‘Scott Morrison slams Bill Shorten for being 'owned' by union boss John Setka’, 9news 4/9), so who is the mouthpiece for the banks and the religious groups, who have also had royal commissions? It seems the Prime Minister is telling us only the elite right should have any say.

Mick Miller, Salamander Bay

THANK you Norton Jacobi (Letters 1/9) for drawing my attention to research on behaviour of sociopaths and psychopaths and possible causes thereof. What research is there on pedophilia? I believe this has proved to be more complex than the public believes but, in view of the world wide exposure of its lasting effect on victims, is it not time for government money to be poured into research of this subject? Will the Vatican contribute some of its vast fund of public bequests to this cause? In the meantime, all we can do is be vigilant and report suspicious behaviour in the hope that this time the authorities will heed it.

June Porter, Warners Bay