Short Takes September 7 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

WITHOUT either defending or criticizing the CMFEU or the big banks, I would suggest that the Prime Minister is demonstrating why people have lost faith in present day politics by his claim of considering deregistering the CFMEU over a tweet (which seems to be the in thing now, made popular by an egotistical American president). I wonder if he will have the same passion for a suitable punishment for the big banks for the horrendous atrocities that are being laid bare by the Royal Commission that he thought was unnecessary.   

Allan Earl, Thornton

ALL three of our latest Liberal Prime Ministers have told us over and over again that everything they do is about jobs, jobs, jobs.  Under their rule, our car industry vanished, the mining boom went silent and places like Clive Palmer's nickel refinery closed down, but the message all the time has been that Australia has to get to work. So why did Peter Dutton go out of his way to give visas to nannies from Europe?  Why couldn't Australians get that work? What were the special factors shared by a South Australian property owner and a Queensland cop which meant that employment with them had to go to individuals from France and Italy?  Not even Barnaby Joyce has been able to justify it. No, Peter, what you did was not normal, and yes, you must please explain.

Grant Agnew, Coopers Plains

ROBERT Dillon, in reporting on Saturday’s NRL game in Newcastle (Herald 3/8), writes:  “with an ounce of luck the Knights could, and probably should have won this game.” There was no mention of the three disallowed St George tries. Never mind. In the interest of providing a balance, may I suggest that with an ounce of luck the Saints could, and probably should, have won this game by a lot more than the comfortable ten point margin they held at the finish? Go the mighty Dragons.

Lindsay Young, Jewells

CAN we please take the word "gotten" out of the Australian language and send it back to America where it came from!

Sue Fower, Waratah

SPOT on, Graeme Bennett (Letters 29/8) with your comments on Newcastle City Council’s decision to change its name, as if they have nothing better to do. As for Jeremy Bath’s statement that he would prefer to be known as “the CEO of the City of Newcastle” rather than “the CEO of Newcastle City Council”, no matter what he says he was appointed as CEO of Newcastle City Council and that’s all he is. Mr Bath is definitely not the CEO of the City of Newcastle, per se, as no such position exists. Newcastle City Council is a truly descriptive title for this organisation, just as it would be should it be The City of Newcastle Council. Somewhere in it’s name the word “council” should, in my opinion, be included, as at the end of the day that’s what the organisation is, nothing more and nothing less.

Ian King, Warners Bay


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