Short Takes September 8 2019: readers have their say on the day’s news

WITH the NRL play-offs about to start, might referees please be advised a ball dropped by a player, or "lost" in a tackle, is a knock-on only when the ball is propelled towards the opponents' goal line, and a ball passed short of the line across the field and caught on the other side of it by the receiver is a forward pass? In addition, could the 50-50 calls be allocated on something like a 50-50 basis?

Ron Elphick, Buff Point

A BIRTHDAY cycling bash at Glenrock Recreation Area took a turn for the worst on Saturday afternoon when grandson number two went missing in action when unknowingly attempting to follow his dad and brother on a difficult  trail. Many thanks to the three mountain bikers who without hesitation remounted and assisted in locating our hot and bothered lost boy before dark! Well done, and many thanks.

David White, Bellbird

WHEN I was in school they taught me the 3 Rs. Seems to me that the occupants of that big white house in Canberra need to learn the 3 Cs: compassion for those they represent, not least those in offshore detention. Courtesy, when dealing with each other in both houses, and commonsense, which is often lacking if we are to believe some of the comments from our representatives. Perhaps our politicians would benefit from a resident philosopher to remind them of these values.

Neville Aubrey, Wallsend

THE very next Royal Commission should obviously be into federal and state Parliament. Imagine what a Pandora's box that would open if just entitlements were examined, let alone transparency, greed, power and the qualifications necessary.

Martin Epstein, Whitebridge

WELL said Terrence Chedzey (Letters 4/9). What a good idea for the TV advertisements to be listed on the programme schedule. I also am in danger of getting a repetitive strain injury by constantly using the remote control. Nor am I a not a great fan of  streaming services such as SKY, which reach ever deeper for the lowest common denominator. Some program are so dull, repetitive and uninteresting that I am now finding the benefits of my local library. I also wonder if anyone at the TV stations has a clock or a watch  which might allow them to correctly time the start and finish of a program as scheduled. But then, what can we expect of free-to-air TV? Many of the standard programs are only pitched at the lowest common denominator viewer, and while I am not a dedicated viewer, all I can say is thank God for the ABC and SBS, for at least these two channels provide the occasional program which makes you question and think.

Bob Kear, Charlestown

PITY the producers of The Block had to take very good building program and turn it into a B-grade soap opera, with a D-grade voiceover. I have never come across a site foreman who constantly allows tradesmen to finish a project only have them get a new set of rules and have to pull it down. More drama. Ho hum!

Mick Miller, Salamander Bay