Short Takes September 10 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

THE new building that Newcastle Council will be moving into has a private multi storey car park. Seems that for all their spruiking of public transport we won't be seeing the Lord Mayor or General Manager having to use it to get to work. What hypocrisy.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

NOW that the law says we slow to 40 kmph when passing flashing red and blue lights on emergency vehicles, if the police are involved who polices the passing traffic?

John Bradford, Beresfield

BRAD Hill (Short Takes 6/9), the Bulldogs are amateurs compared to the hens I have encountered at the Spring Racing Carnival over the years. Just a case of girls being boys, I suppose.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

I’M NOT surprised Brad Hill (Short Takes 6/9) condones the behaviour of the Bulldogs players prancing naked on hotel balconies. I mean, what does it say about their level of intellect and maturity, Brad?

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

REGARDING Toronto foreshore (‘Foreshore plan backlash’, Herald 5/9): don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone: they pave paradise and put up a unit block! Apologies to Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi.

Kate Elderton, Toronto

THANKS for your help in promoting wind farms Brad Hill (Letters, 5/9). You may not have heard the Bureau of Meteorology explain last week that the unusually low night time temperatures over this winter have been a consequence of very low soil moisture levels caused by the extended drought. Sadly, while wind farms are good at generating electricity, they are lousy heat generators, unable to offset this particular inconvenience of climate change.

Richard Mallaby, Wangi Wangi

SINCE when is the truth sexist and/or misogynistic? I believe “fat hairy lesbian” is just a descriptor, the same as “tall caucasian man with a beard”?

Howard Hutchins, Chirnside Park

AT 10.40PM last Tuesday, a number of students parked in the disabled parking lots located outside of the university library where all issued a $120.00 fine for parking illegally. Most of the drivers fined were females. Why were they parked there? Because it is the only safe option for them late at night. They do not feel safe parking in the regular parking area because it is poorly lit and is several hundred meters from the library. In an age where the safety of women is now front page news almost daily, you would think that this would be a priority for the security department at the university rather that a revenue raising exercise. Shame on you, Newcastle University.

John Sutton, Anna Bay

OH DEAR, Scott Morrison took us back to the Dark Ages when he said he was praying for rain. Does he honestly think he can change the mind of his God by his petition? Someone ought to tell him that nature will have her own way, irrespective of what humans think.

Neville Aubrey, Wallsend