Encouraging more women to consider a career in property | Opinion

OPTIONS OPEN: One of the Property Council's priorities is to encourage more women to choose a career in the diverse sector.

OPTIONS OPEN: One of the Property Council's priorities is to encourage more women to choose a career in the diverse sector.

It’s that time of year again. Parents are running the gauntlet of careers’ advisors and expos as they try to guide their teenagers with subject selection for senior school and university courses.

Sure, some young people already know what they want to do, but there are many who don’t.  These teens need options, or to better understand there isn’t just one path to their career goals.

Over the past five years, at least, there has been more discussion about STEM subjects and industry involvement. There has also been greater collaboration between government and industry to link with high schools to improve understanding of, and access to, STEM subjects.

Greater diversity and gender equity is an achievable goal.

Talking to young people at an earlier stage is critical to raising interest and uptake, which ultimately translates into greater entry levels into STEM related careers. 

In the same vein, industry has recognised the need for greater diversity and the need to increase the number of young women entering property careers.

The Property Council has grasped this challenge with both hands and runs a large number of diversity initiatives and networking events. These are aimed at not only inspiring young women to choose property as a career, but encouraging women already working in the sector to build on their professional networks and knowledge.

The Property Council runs a national Girls in Property Program, which shows girls in high school the raft of career options in the property industry. Year 10 students get to hear about property careers from women working in the industry.

Feedback from the girls, their teachers, the Department of Education and the property professionals involved has been amazing. I will investigate ways in which young girls from the region could be involved.

Targeted at women already working in the industry, the 500 Women In Property program involves a personal commitment from Property Council members to champion women in their organisation or business, who they believe would benefit from further networking and professional development opportunities.

Our target is to sponsor 500 Women in Property each year, and this is very achievable. Working together, we can make a significant, sustainable and positive change to the number of women in senior leadership roles across the sector.

This week, the Property Council will hold its first Annual Women in Property lunch in the Hunter. We are excited to be joined by three influential female leaders from within and outside the region as our guest speakers. They will share their experiences and insights and discuss how we can better encourage females to enter property industry careers.

Greater diversity and gender equity in the industry is an achievable goal.  

Anita Hugo is Regional Director - Hunter, Property Council of Australia