The McClymonts leading the way in juggling motherhood with musical success

FAMILY AFFAIR: The McClymonts are more inclined to enjoy sleep while touring these days rather than a rock'n'roll party.

FAMILY AFFAIR: The McClymonts are more inclined to enjoy sleep while touring these days rather than a rock'n'roll party.

IT sounds like the most un-rock’n’roll statement ever uttered, but Brooke McClymont jokes she and her sisters go on tour these days to catch up on sleep.

“We all go to bed straight after gigs now,” Brooke laughs while chatting from her Central Coast home. 

“We don’t stay up and party, party. We’re just getting older and you get less enthusiastic, I think.

“We try to get as much sleep as we can on the road. We take the opportunity to sleep while we don’t have the kids.”

The McClymonts’ more professional attitude to touring isn’t a surprise. There’s been two new editions to the country-pop trio’s clan over the past year.

In August last year Samantha McClymont became a mother for the first time when her son Wilder was born and in April youngest sister, Mollie, gave birth to her second child and first daughter, Elky.

The eldest sister, Brooke, has a five-year-old daughter, Tiggy, with her musician husband Adam Eckersley.

The McClymonts - Like We Used To

The impending arrival of Samantha and Mollie’s babies meant The McClymonts took almost a year off from touring, and in the meantime, Brooke released her debut album Adam & Brooke with Eckersley and toured the country.

Yet Brooke admitted there was a slight feeling of trepidation when The McClymonts reunited in July for their Like We Used To tour, despite the band riding high from their Album Of The Year award in January at the Golden Guitars for their fifth record Endless.

“It was a little daunting, like can we still do it, do we still have it?” Brooke said. “It’s like anything with muscle memory, it’s fine.

“We had rehearsals in my shed on the Central Coast and we made sure we got the show the best we can and it was really nice to be able to sing again. I have so much fun singing with the girls.

“We have the best job in the world.”

Due to their parental commitments, The McClymonts these days tour more selectively.

There’s no long bank of endless dates, instead they play shows every second weekend before returning to their homes in Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast.

That hasn’t stopped The McClymonts taking their music to new audiences, like north-west towns Lightning Ridge and Wee Waa. 

“We’ve been able to get the best of both worlds,” Brooke said. “The girls need that time to be mums at the moment and have time with the kids and then we get to go out and rock’n’roll on the weekend when we want to.”

The McClymonts perform at Wests New Lambton on September 21.