A quick and easy crispy chicken tender dish to impress your mates

QUICK AND EASY: A simple but tasty sport-watching snack. Picture: Dominique Cherry
QUICK AND EASY: A simple but tasty sport-watching snack. Picture: Dominique Cherry


Crispy Chicken Tenders


Jason Hawker, executive sous chef at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley


This is a great dish to have while watching a footy match or as an appetiser before a Sunday afternoon BBQ with the family.


This recipe works best using a deep fryer. However you can also shallow fry.


Crispy flour mix

300g potato starch

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp onion powder

1 tsp cajun spice

1 tsp ground white pepper

Chicken tenders

500g chicken tenderloins


Crispy flour mix

1. In a bowl large enough to fit your chicken tenderloins, mix all the ingredients together.

Chicken tenderloins

1. Pre-heat a deep fryer to 180 degrees Celsius.

2. Place the chicken tenderloins into your bowl with the crispy chicken flour mix.

3. Run a clean hand under cold water and sprinkle water into your mixing bowl. One or two tablespoons should be enough.

4. You want the flecks of water to create clumps in the flour mix which will then coat your chicken. This will give added crunch to your chicken tenders.

5. Make sure all your chicken tenderloins are coated in the flour mix.

6. Bring your bowl of chicken to the deep fryer and slowly place each tenderloin in the fryer, one by one. It is important not to overload your deep fryer. Complete in batches if necessary.

7. Once the tenderloin is golden brown and measures an internal temperature of at least 68 degrees Celsius, remove it from the fryer and let them drain on kitchen paper


Serve with some sweet chilli sauce and a Sydney Brewery Hunter Valley lager.


Jason Hawker is executive sous chef at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. He is the primary creative force behind the menus at Redsalt Restaurant and Lovedale Bar and Restaurant. He enjoys creating and cooking hearty home-style meals that evoke warmth – this he draws from his own personal relationships and experiences. His food is heavily influenced by his travels and work abroad and time spent with family.