Fishing: Tailor the target on Lake Macquarie

A last charge at tailor appears the highlight for anglers with favourable conditions predicted for Friday and Saturday.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Jye Morton ​wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this 48cm yellowbelly caught at Glenbawn Dam.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Jye Morton ​wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this 48cm yellowbelly caught at Glenbawn Dam.

While positive reports have been thin on the ground recently, warm weather, before a sharp drop in temperatures late Saturday, is sure to spark fishos into action.

Jason “One For” Nunn from Fisherman’s Warehouse Marks Point believed targetting tailor could be the go in the window of opportunity.

He said decent catches of Lake Macquarie tailor, including a 60-centimetre fish hooked by Michael Gilmour on Monday, pointed to good times ahead.

But it won’t last for long.

“I got some fish last week and the boys got some this week, some nice ones up around 60 centimetres,” Jason said. 

“But a lot of the fish at the moment are roed up and ready to go and you will find in this run to the full moon now, we’ve only got a week and a half to go, that a lot of these fish will leave the Lake and move up the coast.

“This is probably the last hurrah if you are going to get a tailor.

“On Tuesday, they had big tailor busting up the water everywhere, virtually from the back of Pulbah Island all the way up to Belmont bay and that’s what I found last week.

“The birds were going nuts, terns and gulls and everything else. There’s a lot of bait in the Lake and a lot of tailor, but they are just about to make the move.

“You always get a few stragglers after the full moon but the bulk of them go up from the estuary in big numbers.”

Working in well with that, Jason said, was the prospect of decent jew fish on the Lake.

“There’s also quite a few jew getting caught this week on lures,” he said Thursday. 

“I had a report of a nice jew in the northern end of the Lake, 102 centimetres, I think yesterday. And they got a few jew last night fishing with baits, so there’s a few mulloway around.

“And September is a great time to fish the Lake for jew. 

“In years gone by, guys usually troll for jew this time of year, and those Rapala Deep Tail Dancers, they get right down the bottom.

“And they brought a new one out this year that gets to 40 feet, it’s even deeper than the standard, and is slightly longer and it’s got a bigger bit.

“Those type of lures trolling for jew and tailor will be very effective. They will get down deeper and you won’t have to have the same length of line out.”


Brent “Hammer” Hancock from Tackleworld Port Stephens said jew up around the metre mark were also hitting plastics in Nelson Bay.

”Young Jack Hammond has been slaying the jewies in the samaki vibelicious lures up around the Karuah bridge and places like that,” Brent said.

And he said there was plenty of other targets on offer in the region.

“There’s lots of nice bream in the bay as well, especially around the oyster racks,” he said. 

“Dusky flathead have started to go pretty good too up there at Tilligerry Creek, so the fishing’s been good.

“And at the beaches, there’s plenty of salmon around for guys who want to have a bit of fun.”

Offshore, snapper were also going for plastic lures.

“We saw some nice fish being caught, up around that six to seven kilo mark, on the inshore reefs and shallows,” he said.

Jason said it was relatively quiet offshore but trevally, snapper and small flathead were coming in off areas like the Farm and Texas South.


Could a decent prawn run spice up fishing next month?

Jason thinks there’s good signs.

“We’ve had an increase in worm sales over the last couple of weeks with guys starting to chase whiting,” he said.

“There’s some nice whiting starting to build on the sand flats and that could be an indication that on the next dark cycle after the full moon, at the start of October, we may see another prawn run.

“Because we’ve had such a dry winter and now we’re getting these warm temperatures, I think we may see a good prawn run and fish gathering on the flats.

“There’s school bream mixed in with whiting, and that’s a tell-tale sign we may be in for an early run.”


Jye Morton enjoyed a memorable trip with the Charlestown Anglers Fishing Club to Glenbawn Dam last weekend.

Morton was one of more than 30 club members who made the trek, where bass was the bonus species across three days of competition.

The junior champion reeled in a 48cm yellowbelly and 54cm catfish among his catch. He finished with two bass, two yellowbelly and the catfish.

Troy Terrill was the senior winner with three bass, including a best of 45.5cm, a 47cm yellowbelly and a 53cm catfish. Jeff Boslem was second with three bass and a yellowbelly.

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