Things to look out for at the Festival

If you’re wondering what you might expect to see at the 2018 Hunter Makers & Technology Festival, along with Innovative products from new inventors – then check out this list for this year’s highlights.

Mining equipment including

  • Specialised lifting equipment, including sensors
  • Environmental monitoring and noise attenuation equipment
  • Waste water treatment systems
  • Fluid power (hydraulics)
  • Remote controlled elevating device
  • Smart bulk materials loading
  • Specialised drilling

Other Advanced Manufacturing

  • 3D printing
  • Omni directional wheels
  • Specialised welded and sheet metal products
  • Robotic manufacturing arm
  • Automated control systems
  • Autodesk software
  • Fire trucks
  • Automated metrology (measurement scanning)
  • Air-boat
  • Spring manufacturing
  • Railway wheel manufacturing from molten steel (video)


  • Autonomous marine vehicles
  • Road patrol Drone
  • Clean-tech and Smart City technology
  • Smart 4WD auto products
  • Cool stuff to buy and build

Career information

  • Manufacturing Industry Training Board
  • Electrical and Electronics Industry Training Board
  • Engineers Australia
  • University of Newcastle
  • Training Services NSW – traineeships and apprenticeships

Skills and Activities

  • FI Racing Cars in Schools
  • Super cars simulator
  • Robotic hands (mind controlled)
  • Real rockets
  • Hands on electronics manufacture
  • Simulated welding
  • Coding and robot demonstrations
  • School Aeroskills Course
  • Holographic display
  • Robotic soccer players

Future Scientists (small people)

  • Tower building
  • Water rockets
  • Miniature catapults
  • bionic hand (straws, string, scissors)

Electric Vehicles

  • Tesla S
  • Hyundai sedans
  • Catavolt racing bike

The Hunter Makers & Technology Festival is an initiative from the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group),  Australia’s peak industry association.

Along with its affiliates, Ai Group represents the interests of more than 60,000 businesses employing more than 1 million employees.