Former Pasminco Cockle Creek workers celebrate at 15-year reunion

ABOUT 70 former Pasminco workers gathered to share laughs and a few stories of their time at the smelter during a special event on the weekend marking 15 years since the operation closed.

The smelter, at Boolaroo, closed down in September 2003 after more than 100 years of operation.

Former Pasminco worker Troy Dubbelde said the 15-year reunion at Club Macquarie on Saturday was a chance for many workers, some who had not seen each other in more than a decade, to get together and remember the camaraderie that came with working at the smelter.

“The mateship, the team work – it was more personalised than work can be these days,” he said.

CREW: The guests at the reunion.

CREW: The guests at the reunion.

“Now, often, work can be just a job and you’re just a number but back then we worked as part of a team and I think that’s why we all get together.”

Mr Dubbelde, who worked at the smelter for the 10 years leading up to its closure, said reunions were held once a year, but the 15-year celebration was particularly special. 

“We had some old bits and pieces from Pasminco that we brought in from a museum for the event,” he said.

He wanted to especially thank the event’s sponsors: HIC services, Rema Tip Top Convatech and Monadelphous Mt Thorley.