Jets boss takes seat in stand after outburst

NEWCASTLE JETS coach Gary van Egmond will spend the next two matches in the stands after being found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute for his outburst after last Sunday's 2-2 draw against Perth Glory.

Football Federation Australia initially banned van Egmond for four matches and issued a $2000 fine, but chose to suspend the fine and two of those matches after taking into account his "contrition, unreserved apology and previous exemplary record".

For the coming matches - away to Wellington and then at home against Adelaide - van Egmond will have restricted access to his players, the touchline and the media in the hours before kick-off and after the match.

The incident which sparked the FFA's intervention occurred in the moments just after full-time when Newcastle were left seething after a last-minute penalty was awarded to Adrian Trinidad, who appeared to hit the deck theatrically after colliding with Jets defender Jade North.

An outraged van Egmond approached referee Matthew Breeze before turning his sights on Trinidad, with the Jets boss then led away by youth coach Craig Deans.

While Newcastle has instructed van Egmond not to comment on the issue, club chief executive John Tsatsimas said the matter was finalised from his perspective.

"I think we'll let sleeping dogs lie now," he said. "We'll get on with it, cop it on the chin and move on to the next match.

"Our focus hasn't been on the immediate task at hand enough, and I think we now need to move on to the next match. He [Gary] looked OK [after the judgment]. He's obviously frustrated over a number of issues in terms of what transpired on the field of play, but I think he understands that we've got to move to the next hurdle."

Tsatsimas said while van Egmond's passion got the better of him at the weekend, he was confident it wouldn't happen again.

"Ideally, we wish it hadn't occurred but it's happened, and knowing Gary's character and his demeanour during the games, we've all seen he's a passionate character who feels for the game," he said.

"There were certain incidents that got him more agitated than usual but I think you'll find it's an aberration more than anything else. I seriously doubt you'll ever see Gary van Egmond in that vein again."

After the FFA charged van Egmond on Monday, the Jets made a submission explaining their version of events but Tsatsimas was tight-lipped about his feelings on the final outcome.

"I have personal opinions on the matter but I don't wish to put them in any public forum," he said. "There's two sides to every story, and the game is full of varied opinions."

Meanwhile, the Jets say while they are hoping to snare a replacement marquee player for Ecuadorean international Edmundo Zura before the end of this season, nothing has emerged thus far.

"There's been nothing at this stage," Tsatsimas said. "We just need to make sure the next player or players we choose are the right ones to fit in at the club, and we do have a big couple of months ahead of us. Ideally, if we do get a player, we'd like somebody who can be in both the A-League and the Asian Champions League. We're looking at it as if it's one season."