REVIEW: Perplexing performance from Stone


Newcastle Leagues Club

November 2

AT ONE point, perhaps the more promising half of one of Australia’s favourite musical duos, Angus and Julia Stone, was Angus Stone. On Friday night however, it became quite obvious that the younger half was regressing.

Dressed like he’d just rolled out of bed –  with a large unshaven beard and messy mop of hair – female fans still swooned over the charming muso. Stone played tracks off his new record, some obscure tracks, and of course the famous duo work – which was greeted with the largest of cheers.

The Newcastle Leagues Club was a bizarre choice for Stone, who has previously flown high in theatres, the main stage of iconic festivals, and opera houses. 

The poor sound quality, mixed with Stone’s lackadaisical approach, sacrificed the sound of some wonderful music.

Fumbling over the guitar strings on songs Stone wrote himself was disappointing for some fans, and perplexing for others. 

Stone’s simple acoustic pop rock still managed to shine through, with River Love a highlight. It also showcased  beautiful harmonies from his new band.

Stone’s banter on the night included: “when I get time off I like to sit on the couch and roll a joint”. He also talked of his love of watching midday television and westerns, with a western-flavoured sound creeping in on tracks like Bird on the Buffalo, another highlight of the set.

Veering into some heavier psychedelic rock layered with synthetic sounds and extended plays, Stone and his band lost sense of time. They came back for an encore, though it abruptly ended, much to the confusion of fans.


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