LETTERS: Forget misogyny, here’s misandry

You certainly have opened up a big can of worms, Greg Ray (‘‘Check’s in the male’’ Herald 8/11). 

Never mind that if we made such generalisations about women or a minority group we’d have vocal outrage to equal that  of the Prime Minister’s misogyny speech. 

Never mind that women have also been charged with murder, child abuse and sexual assaults. 

Never mind that females are just as capable of getting violent and disorderly after a few drinks. And never mind the fact that most cases of child abuse or sexual assaults against children are from someone they know. 

Yes, let’s forget all of that because, according to our society’s way of thinking, as long as we keep all single men on watch and far away from women and children, then we’ll all be safe. 

We’ve heard a lot of talk about misogyny lately. Maybe it is about time we opened this can of worms and discussed the misandrist generalisations we make about the other half of the population.

Benjamin McMullen

Mount Hutton


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